Written evidence on covid-19 lessons submitted to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

Categories: government consultation
Categories: government consultation

Project: UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator

Submission site: https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/37296/html/


The two Select Committees were examining the impact and effectiveness of action taken by government and the advice it has received. They are considering a range of issues and we are responding to the consultation under the headings listed, contributing to those where we have expertise and have recently published reports or evidence. These are:

  1. The deployment of non-pharmaceutical interventions like lockdown and social distancing rules to manage the pandemic
  2. The impact on black and minority ethnic communities and other at-risk groups
  3. Testing and contact tracing
  4. Modelling and the use of statistics
  5. Government communications and public health messaging
  6. The UK’s prior preparedness for a pandemic
  7. The development of treatments and vaccines
  8. The impact on the social care sector

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