NHS Scotland seminar – empowering digital workforces

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Categories: video

KIND Learning Network webinar January 2022: Empowering digital workforces – getting the basics right and beyond from NES on Vimeo.

As part of my UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator work, here’s a webinar I ran with colleagues from NHS Education for Scotland. It’s based on Ethics Accelerator work on data-use in social care during COVID-19. I discussed some of our findings on what’s worked, what hasn’t and what comes next for analysts and decision makers in health and social care.

About the KIND Learning Network
The KIND Learning Network is an inclusive and supportive community of practice for staff across the knowledge, information, and data workforce in health and care in Scotland. It exists to further the leading role of the community in the digital transformation of health and care by supporting learning, sharing of best practice, and developing interdisciplinary collaborations.