Exhibition: Tomorrow’s Home 2050

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Categories: exhibition

Over the last year I’ve been a consultant on Tomorrow’s Home 2050, a real-life exhibition looking at the future of health and care technologies in the home. The exhibition is organised by UCL’s Institute of Healthcare Engineering and runs until January 9th 2022 at London’s Museum of the Home with a series of online events listed here.

As part of the exhibition I’ll be running a workshop with colleagues on the EPSRC-funded project Environmental Impacts of Digital Services on Health and Well-being in the Home. If you’re in London, register and come!

Here’s what the blurb on the Museum of the Home’s website says:

Join us in Tomorrow’s Home as we question:

  • Who is technology in our homes being created for?
  • What impact will climate change have on our home lives?
  • What kind of healthcare should be in our homes and what belongs outside the home?
  • How can our homes help us stay connected to our communities in a world that is increasingly automated
  • What role can our homes play in reducing consumption and reusing and recycling more?

This exhibition is created by The Liminal Space in collaboration with researchers from the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering. The project is a recipient of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious Award.

Photo: Mike Massaro

Here’s who’s been involved: