Cian O’Donovan is a Senior Research Fellow at UCL’s Department of Science and Technology Studies. He is an expert on the governance of technology and in particular the impacts of digital transformation on social care and long term care. He uses his research on social care to study who benefits from innovation more broadly, who pays for it, and who decides.

He is the principal investigator leading Empowering Future Care Workforces: Scoping Capabilities to Leverage Assistive Robotics through Co-Design funded by the UKRI Trustworthy and Autonomous Systems Hub.

He also does his best to ensure this research contributes to public engagement and movement building that can challenge powerful interests in order to achieve a more sustainable and fairer world. In 2014 he co-founded Uplift, Ireland’s largest people-powered digital advocacy organisation.

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Dr. Cian O’Donovan is an expert in the politics of innovation, especially digital transformations in long term care.

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