Explicitly ethical standards for robotics

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Title: Explicitly ethical standards for robotics Authors: Cian O’Donovan Full paper download: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/webteam/gateway/file.php?name=odonovan-2019-robotics-standards-210210.pdf&site=25 Abstract: This paper explores how explicitly ethical standards for robotics are peer-produced. It describes the motivations, organisation and practices of standardization contributed by a globally distributed community of experts. The research question asks what kind of rules for robots are being created … Read More

Automation, technology and choices

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Letter to the editor, Irish Times. Sir, – You highlight the threat to jobs in Irish towns in your coverage of the UCC report on automation technologies (News, February 22nd). Whether this anxiety is justified or overstated, as later news reports suggested, the authors present automation as an inevitable force of nature. It is not. … Read More

Maps, Measures and Narratives for Transdisciplinary Research

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Title: Maps, Measures and Narratives for Transdisciplinary Research. Report: A workshop for the ESRC Nexus Network Authors: Becky Ayre, Cian O’Donovan Full download Abstract: The report summarises the activities and discussions at the workshop coordinated by the ESRC Nexus Network at the UCL Institute of Global Prosperity on 1 May 2018. It offers some conclusions … Read More

The emergence of innovation systems in new locations

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Title: The emergence of innovation systems in new locations: theoretical explorations and an in-depth case study of wind energy technologies in Ireland, 1990-2014 (PhD Thesis) Author: Cian O’Donovan Download full thesis Summary: This thesis is about the processes of creating renewable electricity systems in new locations. Specifically it addresses the challenges and drivers of building-up … Read More

The BBC as market shaper and creator

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Title: Chapter 4.2 The BBC as market shaper and creator Authors: Mariana MAzzucato and Cian O’Donovan Full book download. Précis: At the heart of the government’s White Paper on the future of the BBC is an implicit accusation that the broadcaster is ‘crowding out’ the market through the scale and quality of its services. Cite: … Read More

Power to the people: making and politics at the Science Museum

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Authors: Cian O’Donovan and Adrian Smith Original article at STEPS centre: https://steps-centre.org/general/power-to-the-people-making-politics-at-the-science-museum/ The maker movement in the UK, and globally, has grown rapidly over recent years. Hundreds of maker spaces, equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, design software, as well as old-fashioned hand tools, have popped up in cities, towns and on university campuses, potentially … Read More