Accountability and neglect in UK social care innovation

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Author: Cian O’Donovan Journal: International Journal of Care and Caring Abstract: Innovation alters who is accountable for social care and how they are held to account. This article shows how organisational, institutional and technological innovation in infrastructures of social care can reconfigure accountability instruments and propel change between distinct modes of accountability. However, innovation … Read More

HDCA 2022: Digital transformation in UK sheltered housing

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Paper title: Understanding evolving digital transformation in UK sheltered housing in terms of capabilities, resources, and empowerment Authors: Cian O’Donovan, Ralitsa Hiteva, Kate Simpson, Melanie Smallman Presented at the Human Development and Capabilities Approach Conference, Antwerp, 2022. Submitted abstract: This article was originally going to be about processes of digital transformation in institutional situations. How … Read More

TAS All Hands Meeting 2022 – Empowering Poster

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A giant A0 research poster the Empowering team presented at the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub 2022 annual meeting. It’s a pretty accurate representation of the theory and the stakes and the research focus right before we start our empirical work.

A co-design framework for empowering future care workforces

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Cross-posted from: Just before 8pm on the last Thursday of March 2020, millions of us in the UK picked up a pot and a wooden spoon. We headed for our front doors, our balconies and our windows. And when our clocks struck the hour we started banging. The covid clap for carers kept going … Read More

UK Covid-19 Inquiry: Terms of Reference Consultation Response

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Response by Cian O’Donovan, Melanie Smallman and Jame Wilson, UCL. This is a written response submitted by the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator’s Data-Use workstream to the online consultation at In this submission we recommend that the UK Covid-19 Inquiry pursue a comprehensive evaluation of data use during the pandemic. The inquiry should establish how … Read More

Project: Empowering Future Care Workforces

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I’m leading a new research project starting April 1st 2022. It’s funded by the UKRI Trusted and Autonomous Systems Hub and the aim is to develop methods and principals with which to center the capabilities and wellbeing of health and social care workers in future technology design and evaluation. We’ve got an amazing team of … Read More