Public Trust, Deliberative Engagement and Health Data Projects: Beyond Legal Provisions

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Title: Public Trust, Deliberative Engagement and Health Data Projects: Beyond Legal Provisions Authors: Nishtha Bharti, Cian O’Donovan, Melanie Smallman, James Wilson Journal: Engaging Science, Technology, and Society Abstract In England, a new scheme for collating and sharing General Practice data has faced resistance from various quarters and has been deferred repeatedly. While insufficient communication and … Read More

Capabilities for transdisciplinary research

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Title: Capabilities for transdisciplinary research Authors: Cian O’Donovan, Ola Michalec and Josh Moon Journal: Research Evaluation Download full paper: DOI: Abstract Problems framed as societal challenges have provided fresh impetus for transdisciplinary research. In response, funders have started programmes aimed at increasing transdisciplinary research capacity. However current programme evaluations do not adequately measure … Read More

The politics of robotics research

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Title: What is robotics made of? The interdisciplinary politics of robotics research Authors: Ola Michalec, Cian O’Donovan and Mehdi Sobhani Journal: Humanities & Social Sciences Communications Download full paper: Abstract: Under framings of grand challenges, robotics has been proposed as a solution to a wide range of societal issues such as road safety, ageing … Read More

Technology and Human Capabilities in UK Makerspaces

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Title: Technology and Human Capabilities in UK Makerspaces Authors: Cian O’Donovan and Adrian Smith Download full paper: 10.1080/19452829.2019.1704706 Abstract: The relationship between technology and human capabilities is an ambivalent one. The same technology can expand capabilities for some users under certain circumstances, whilst diminishing capabilities for others situated differently. In this paper we analyse human … Read More

Exhibition: Tomorrow’s Home 2050

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Over the last year I’ve been a consultant on Tomorrow’s Home 2050, a real-life exhibition looking at the future of health and care technologies in the home. The exhibition is organised by UCL’s Institute of Healthcare Engineering and runs until January 9th 2022 at London’s Museum of the Home with a series of online events … Read More

Workshop: Human capabilities for interdisciplinary research

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A workshop presented at the 2021 ESRC/NCRM Festival of Methods. October 28th 2021 Organisers: Ola Michalec (University of Bristol), Joshua Moon (University of Sussex), Cian O’Donovan (UCL), Mehdi Sobhani (Bristol Robotics Laboratory). 2021-ESRC-Methods-Fest-capabilities-211028-3Download

Co-creation. What now?

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Some early thoughts on a book chapter project about social innovation and co-creation. Title: Co-creation. What now? Authors: Cian O’Donovan, Melanie Smallman Presented at: 4S Annual Meeting 2021. 9th October 2021 Session: Interrogating “Co-creation”: The good, the bad and the ugly Abstract: Like all the best epistemic imaginaries, co-creation eludes easy interpretation. Researchers have shown … Read More

Smart city robot competitions: how incumbency shapes public engagement

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Title: Programming Engagement in a Smart City Robot Competition. How incumbency shapes public engagement Authors: Carlos Cuevas-Garcia, Cian O’Donovan Presented at: 4S Annual Meeting 2021. 8th October 2021 Session: Making Science in Public Abstract: In the last two decades, robotics competitions have become one of the most iconic events of interaction between robots, students, specialists, … Read More

Tracking imaginations of modern sustainability

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Preliminary sketch of ideas and research on the role of hope in establishing visions and pathways towards future worlds. Title: Worlds of hope colonised? Tracking imaginations of modern sustainability in the 21st century Authors: Cian O’Donovan, Saurabh Arora Presented at: 4S Annual Meeting 2021. 8th October 2021 Session: Confronting Worlds. The Concept of “Worlds” and … Read More

A-levels 2021: understanding grade inflation and fairness

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Authors: Ruchi Sharma, Cian O’Donovan Project: UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator Originally published: For the second year running students’ A-levels have been graded by their own teachers. Covid-19 has caused disruption throughout the academic year, leading to cancelled exams and forcing changes to how A-levels have been assessed. After last year’s algorithm controversy, the regulator Ofqual … Read More