I research, write, and advocate about emerging technologies and society. Two questions drive my work:

  1. How can the benefits of emerging technologies best contribute to a flourishing world?
  2. What diverse sets of knowledge, systems and human capabilities are required to imagine and build this world?

My work is about finding ways in which innovation can be directed towards social progress, and calling out reasons why it is so often pointed in the opposite direction. Reasons such as incumbent power, special interests and systematic inequalities . Right now I’m working at UCL STS on how policy and research practices shape artificial intelligence and robotics in non-industrial sectors and industries. Like social care settings such as elderly care. And small and medium sized businesses.

I also do my best to ensure this work contributes to building for movements that can challenge powerful interests and achieve a more sustainable and fairer world. In 2014 I helped found Uplift, Ireland’s largest people-powered organisation for change, where I advise on strategy and governance.